Joan E Sounds Like She's Ready to Harvest a Few Roosters

by Homeless T

Ms. Joan E Thurman, America's premier voice of Women's Supremacy, is writing about chicken again, but I don't believe she's going to lick any one's fingers this time. She sounds angry at the way young girls are dressing, admiring, (and more so at what they're learning to do for their boyfriends). 

Click my 15-year-old bottom hard to see
what Aunt Joan E is so mad about.
The mother of Women's Supremacy in the United States calls the majority of American women"chickens" and offers a recipe that she recommends throwing on the table and letting the menfolk eat by themselves. Don't worry, Joan E, women are hearing your message. Sometimes things seem to gang up together to make a wrong impression. Anyway, I invite readers to look over her latest for themselves.