Trump to Usher in Endtimes

by Tommy George

Greetings, Earthlings!
Chaos will settle once the majority of humankind has been smoked out and exterminated. Those superior men and women that will remain understood the truth and prepared: Homo sapiens is to be demoted by the new owners of Earth, sold by world leaders and the international elite to an alien race in exchange for immortality and unlimited power for themselves--those bearing the mark, purchased early. 

Humans without the mark will be rendered senseless and behave with the intellects of animals: like deer, crashing through windshields, or birds sucked into jet engines. The new Lords of Earth will regard these humans stripped of their reason as once mankind regarded predators upon our livestock.  To be treated by traps and poisons.

The chaos will fade, the smoke blow away, and only the smartest remnant of humanity will remain--sycophants obedient to the New Order, living in subterranean tunnels where overlords will permit a marginalized human culture of workers to exsist; or for the rich, a choice of availabe mansions--either that, or the human slaughterhouse. The new masters relish to dine upon human flesh.
These alien demigods know that hu-mans once fought like wild dogs to make the land their own, and the did so without humanity; our new master will return our savagery upon us--like every animal we killed or dislocated.  Our new master is much like we were--only 1000 times more powerful. But there is hope!

Let's work together, America!
(Scapegoats are sacrificed to gods, their still-beating hearts offered to the sun, but hope remains. It has ever been thus--killing the other to atone for superiority. Few recall Leviticus' second scapegoat--similarly freighted with municipal monstrosities.  This second sacrifice is suffered to live, but led far into the desert where it is abandoned. Psyche and body of the second goat suffer, but in time the surviving scapegoat is gifted with clairvoyance. Its predictions:

1. The election of non-politician Donald Trump, and the Chicago Cubs World Series Victory served as curtain-openers to events unimaginable. 
2. The Mideast will unleash limited-load nuclear warheads upon Iran's military-industrial sites. Terror of the atom split will be returned upon Tel Aviv, not from a mideast nation, but a far east power. 
3. The US president will suspend the constitution, as will the Russians and the Chinese.  Spaceships will land.  The earth will be sold to creatures from another world.  
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