EBT Clients Receive Cash Back on Refundable Milk Bottles

by Homeless T
2011-06-06. Cedar Rapids, IA.  Many persons claim to be absolutely broke; in reality, few actually are.  Let's face it: the
When you have to ask
your Mummy for money,
you're broke! Unquestionably.
phrase has been bandied about far too liberally in martini bars, over loan-processing conference tables, and in response to dunning creditor phone calls.  Give it a break, people!  If your creditors still talk to you, you're not broke!  They wouldn't be bothering you if you were.  Or if you are wearing duds swell enough for a decent martini bar, where you will surround yourself with all those beautiful people--you are not absolutely broke.  They wouldn't let you in the place if you were.  Even if you only have a telephone, you are not absolutely broke.  So cut it out!  

You absolutely broke poseurs are robbing the phrase of its integrity.  The absolutely broke individual has no cash or credit whatsoever, anywhere.  If you have a dollar in change, you are not absolutely broke.  In fact, in certain circles, you are relatively affluent.

If, like me, your bankroll consists of the three pennies you snatched out of the gutter,  you're getting close.  Soon, you may be absolutely broke.  Anyway, enough semantics.  Such a wastrel have I long been--until  I stumbled, quite by accident, upon a legal loophole for America's poor--a first in my experience.  Anyone receiving food stamps--now known as EBT--can get a little cash for a change.  No, it has nothing to do with selling your benefits to the sweating porkers who cruise the parking lots of supermarkets, offering to buy your food stamps for fifty cents on the dollar.  That's illegal.  No, my technique is entirely legal.

For just $5.99, HomelessT will provide you with all the information you need to cash in on this hidden loophole!  Why should only the fat cats get rich?  Of course,  I'm only joking about the $5.99.  I'll tell you next time, because my minutes on the library computer are just about exhausted.  Check back in the near future--and you too can benefit.

UPDATE OF APRIL 24, 2014.  Okay, here is the little-known secret cash-stream, fishable by the impoverished: glass milk bottles.  These one- and two-dollar refundable glass bottles are covered by EBT, and when you have finished the contents--they are refundable for cash.  Big deal, eh?