The Questionable Damnation of Good Pope Formosus

by Tommy George
After its split from the Byzantine or Eastern Orthodox branch,
Catholicism played some sneaky tricks that will cause you to
doubt their claim to be the "universal Church." True story.

Students of ancient Catholic history may enjoy the free sample of his novel Dog 'n' goD (32 years in the making) that his publisher has permitted him to post pending the official publication of the book. The pages come from the reference section, or "appendices" at the end.

Some background: the miscreant parish priest Father Bernard Donne--the 1950's Midwest's star choirboy, positiviely cherubic until puberty took his voice, bepimpled his face, and twisted his psyche--presides over Deetroit's St. Formosus Parish.

St. Formosus Parish, once part of an enchanted enclave of tree-canopied boulevards right in the middle of 1950's Deetroit, has by the year of the story (1983) deteriorated into a treeless, dangerous place despite its mansions and former grandeur. The former cherubic choirboy has become the misadventuring prick Father Bernard Donne. He has degenerated even further than his parish.

The excerpt from Dog 'n' goD the publisher so magnanimously authorized is the scholistic history of the real life Saint Formosus, beginning with his amazing ascension from a country priest all the way to Pope; and the disgusting, sometimes comical, path to sainthood his vengeful successors sent him on. The Damnatio Immemoria of St. Formosus is included in the novel's appendices--once the story is finished, over, and done.

The great Deetroit songwriter Barrett Strong wrote a song titled "Something Is Better than Nothing." I certainly hope that sentiment holds true with this excerpt. At least it's free. Click the cover and see.

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