Male Hotel Maid Confessions, Part II

Men have feelings two

by the Man-Maid

2013-04-12.  Being the Man-Maid (a male motel maid) is not as sexy as most people imagine. Or maybe I should say it is not sexy like they would imagine it to be. You know, the kind of running around up and down the halls, being chased around by big hairy truck drivers who want to have carnal relations with the beautiful young maid. It could happen someday, but it hasn't yet. No, being the Man Maid is more like being a matinee movie idol, except real movie stars don't have to clean up after truck drivers, or haul big bags of trash around.

Male Motel Maid Confessions, Part I

by the Man-Maid
2013-2-14  During my giddy days as a part-time male motel housekeeper, I would sometimes lose perspective on my life. I began to resent the lack of respect and recognition given me for the high-quality deep-cleaning I regularly did on the rooms and suites of the 9-unit motel that employed me. I did my best, just like my mama taught me.

Sounding to Unfamiliar Eyes Like the BlueMen vs Greenemann. Change the Channel, Barbara

by Tommy George

Portrait of a Lung-Cancer Survivor

Trying to spin the life and work of the artist known to me as Barbara Greene, who somewhere along years lost to followers became Barbara Greene-Mann, is critical folly. If there exists any spin, it is a natural phenomenon, like a female Elijah sucked up in whirlwinds and transported from one enthusiasm to another, or one despair to another, from heaven to hell, but ever-chronicling in one art-form or another the vertiginous view. She paints and she tap dances. She sings and she draws. She plucks feathers from passing birds and makes collages. 

Treasure Trove of Toilette Reading Rolled Up

Click Upon the Picture for a Preview Manuscript Copy of Millennial Humours, an anthology of many of the writers you encounter at "Shut Up and Say Something." Great bathroom reading!

Downloading the Dead: Free for Heads & Tales

By Tommy George
Help yourself to some digital shreds of time, place, and people sinking under the weight of superannuation. Songs of selfish aspirations, youthful misconceptions, ripped scripture and deadly advents.

Just click on the illustration to the right, and push the download icon for anything you would consider listening to more than once. Great holiday music for deceased loved ones.

Curious how these songs originally sounded when first recorded back in the 70's and 80's? Check out their original home on old 61:

Trump to Usher in Endtimes

by Tommy George

Greetings, Earthmen!! from
Chaos will settle once the majority of humankind has been smoked out and exterminated. Those superior men and women that will remain understood the truth and prepared: Homo sapiens is to be demoted by the new owners of Earth, sold by world leaders and the international elite to an alien race in exchange for immortality and unlimited power for themselves--those bearing the mark, purchased early. 

Humans without the mark will be rendered senseless and behave with the intellects of animals: like deer, crashing through windshields, or birds sucked into jet engines. The new Lords of Earth will regard these humans stripped of their reason as once mankind regarded predators upon our livestock.  To be treated by traps and poisons.

Killing Your Prick-of-a-Hubby with Hammy, Mammy

How's your love-life, Married Ladies? 
by Joan E Thurman

2013-06-06. Girlfriends, have you ever seen, heard, and smelt a truckload of pigs on their way to the house of slaughter?--a hundred unwashed swine squeezed closely together, squealing and incontinent from terror, their pink noses poking through bars of a death-wagon driven by some grinning, idiotic human male--who watches in his rear-view mirror, laughing his head off at your reaction to the atrocious reek as he s-l-o-w-l-y passes your open convertible.
Joan E advises: Kill 'em with the other white meat.

Your Impoverished Life Explained

By Tommy George

What can we infer about the unemployed working man--jobless too long, and slipping through the cracks--the homeless man, deranged by the attrition of street life; and the new American generation of drug-addled illiterates? Why do they prefer eventually to disappear rather than be seen and recast--by former friends, remnants of family, and goal-driven acquaintances of long ago--as washed-up, soon-to-die things? Society would seem to have painted a bull's-eye on these financial drop-outs, targeting them for its private derision and public prosecution by the alpha dog pack currently running the dominant social hierarchy. Dogs can be so territorial, and packs, terrifyingly vicious.

The Questionable Damnation of Good Pope Formosus

by Tommy George
After its split from the Byzantine or Eastern Orthodox branch,
Catholicism played some sneaky tricks that will cause you to
doubt their claim to be the "universal Church." True story.

Students of ancient Catholic history may enjoy the free sample of his novel Dog 'n' goD (32 years in the making) that his publisher has permitted him to post pending the official publication of the book. The pages come from the reference section, or "appendices" at the end.