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No Place for Nobodies

Look Before You Leap Next Time, Homeless

By Flix Darkblud

Homer Teabury really should have thought twice in December of 2007—now, well over two years ago--before deserting his job as a well-paid tepid practitioner and embarking on an even far less promising remunerative career as--ahem, ahem--a homeless blogger, essentially writing about his crackpot selfr. Such is my opinion, bluntly put. Not that Homer’s blogs have no redeeming qualities, but those qualities simply do not reside in the realm of journalism, even when written in the emotionally crippled charged voice of his alter-ego Homeless T.

Homeless Like Me: Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2009

by Homeless T
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, USA * 29 AUGUST 2009: Over 24 downward-spiraling months, my life crashed from being a community college professor--with family, home, cars, full fringe benefits, and freedom to do as I wished--down to that of a lone, homeless person. Maybe you saw me walking the streets of downtown Cedar Rapids. I was still wearing a yellow neck-tie (all I had left of my profession), but it was filthy. I had learned to rummage the trash for refundable pop-cans, and scavenge curb-side ashtrays for half-smoked butts to quiet my craving for tobacco.  

Pyrates 'o' the Poop-Deck

by Homer Lester Teabury


Ye be sailin' into biblical headwinds, Matey
moonin' over that frilly yellow-haired doll
who felled ye in the first place, a-falling
drownin' yer soul in her poisonous squall.

Treasure Trove of Toilette Reading Rolled Up

Click Upon the Picture for a Preview Manuscript Copy of Millennial Humours, an anthology of many of the writers you encounter at "Shut Up and Say Something." Great bathroom reading! The best part is that you will find some of my writing in there! --Homeless /t

Downloading the Dead: Free for Heads & Tales

By Tommy George
Help yourself to some digital shreds of time, place, and people sinking under the weight of superannuation. Songs of selfish aspirations, youthful misconceptions, ripped scripture and deadly advents.

Just click on the illustration to the right, and push the download icon for anything you would consider listening to more than once. Great holiday music for deceased loved ones.

Your Impoverished Life Explained

By Homeless T

What can we infer about the unemployed working man--jobless too long, and slipping through the cracks--the homeless man, deranged by the attrition of street life; and the new American generation of drug-addled illiterates? Why do they prefer eventually to disappear rather than be seen and recast--by former friends, remnants of family, and goal-driven acquaintances of long ago--as washed-up, soon-to-die things? Society would seem to have painted a bull's-eye on these financial drop-outs, targeting them for its private derision and public prosecution by the alpha dog pack currently running the dominant social hierarchy. Dogs can be so territorial, and packs, terrifyingly vicious.